The new features of TransBar 5

Version 5 of TransBar brings new features without changing the habits of its users :

1) The "64-bit" technology for:

2) An integrated device for installing and uninstalling barcode fonts so no need to download or worry about their files:

3) In unit barcode creation, the clipboard transfers the barcode in HTML graphic format in addition to the old text and RTF formats (Rich Text Format). This improves compatibility with next-generation office software.

4) Transcription of columns allows the choice of export format between formats : text, RTF paragraphs, RTF table, HTML paragraphs and HTML table. These new RTF and HTML formats improve compatibility with next-generation spreadsheets.

5) New post-it help devices triggered by links shed light on the new choices made by the new version.

6) The "server" function, which makes it possible to integrate TransBar transcription into external developments, no longer requires an additional license.

And more than a dozen hidden or minor improvements...