TransBar update from version 1, 2, 3 or 4

TransBar updates do not require the presence of an old version on the computer to be equipped, and preserve this old version when it exists. The installation of an update is therefore confused with a first installation, the only precautions concerning:

TransBar 3 fonts

The fonts provided with TransBar 3 were in PostScript and TrueType formats, while those provided with TransBar 5 and 4 are in OpenType-TrueType technology. These TransBar 3 fonts remain compatible with TransBar 5, except that the Code 128 fonts have been renamed to make their usage easier to understand; it is therefore advisable to install their new versions but it is not an obligation:

TransBar 1 or 2 fonts

Warning! Upgrading from TransBar 1 or 2 makes it mandatory to replace old barcode fonts, (whose name ended in "fz") by the new OpenType-TrueType fonts included in TransBar 5.