The TransBar "server" function

Server function

In most cases, TransBar is operated by an operator.

When necessary, it can work without operator, in service and under control of another software, by a "server" function. Only one requirement : The "client" software must have a programming language that allows the writing and the reading of text files or the launching of other software by command lines.

Server function's screens

Before using this function, reading the part « Transcribe from another software » will help you to get familiar with the basis.

The « Program a client of the server » screen will provide very detailed informations to control the function from another software.

Clients' evaluation of TransBar server function

Some examples of client-softwares are available in free of rights of use languages, allowing, in addition to performing them, to consult sources for inspiration or to suit a particular need.

Excel and OpenOffice/LibreOffice spreadsheets, calling TransBar by a built-in VisualBasic macro, are directly usable.

The "Xojo" example, very complete, supplied as cross-platform Basic and executable, is particularly recommended for demonstrating or evaluating all the possibilities of the server function of TransBar.

This evaluation doesn't require the « client » software's programming language knowledge.

Limit of the evaluation

The server function is integrated with TransBar 5 and its use is always possible from this version. However, in the absence of the prior entry in TransBar of the number and the key of a license for a given coding, the server function will be operated in this coding in "evaluation mode".

This "evaluation mode" is not intended to validate the printing of operational barcodes but to validate that the function corresponds to your needs.

In this mode, the informations to encode will be degraded before transcription; the functioning and the transcription's speed will be exactly the same to those of the operational mode.

License of the server function

The "server" function of TransBar no longer requires an additional license since version 5.0 of the software; a license for a given coding allows the operational use of the "server" function in this coding; but this use is not unlimited, the purpose of the "server" function is not to use a single-user license on several computers.

This "server" function offers different methods of dialogue with its "clients", which create two fields of use:

To meet a given need, a trial of prior integration should be advised to determine the number of positions and the budget of the license to be subscribed.

The term "client" must be understood in its computer sense; it can not be assimilated to a company, a licensee, an operator or a computer: 1 "client" corresponds to 1 "process" on 1 computer. For example, 1 accounting management software and 1 labeling software running on 1 computer constitute 2 clients. If they run on 2 computers, they will be 4 clients.

Server function's integration with a « client » software

A programmer will be necessary to do the server function's integration in an external software. This should not be a problem for him but it is advisable to evaluate the solution before purchasing any license, knowing that once the work of this programmer is finished, the only need to use TransBar in operational mode is to purchase licenses and enter them in TransBar.

Need more precisions ? Read the technical documentation of the server function.