Version 5 of TransBar is available!

Version 4 of the TransBar software stopped working in the fall of 2019 on version 10.15 "Catalina" of the MacOS system, because it had been developed 8 years previously in "32 bits technology", which then allowed it to work on both old "32-bit" and recent "64-bit" computers.

The actual version 5 of TransBar, completely re-developed in "64 bits", restores a new life expectancy to this software whose very first version dates from 1993. Without changing the habits of its users, it brings also new features.

The Windows version also benefits from this redesign, but it can no longer be used on 32-bit computers, even with the latest version of Windows 10; for these old computers, version 4 of TransBar Windows remains available and works with the current license keys.

Barcodes Font Solution

TransBar allows you to integrate barcodes in all documents obtained for printing, by an operator on MacOS or Windows, or automatically from any programmable software installed on the computer or accessing via local network to a MacOS or Windows server.

Code-barres Ean 13 et Ean 8
Code-barres Code 128
Code-barres GS1 128 / Ean 128
Code-barres Code 39
Code-barres Code 39 PZN
Code-barres Code 39 Italian Pharmacode
Code-barres Code 2/5 entrelacé
Code-barres Code S
Code-barres Code 2/5 non entrelacé
Code-barres ITF 14
Code-barres Codabar
Code-barres UPC-A et UPC-E
Code-barres MSI-APB