TransBar 5 Ean 13 & 8

Barcodes Ean 13 and Ean 8

Fields of application

TransBar 5 Ean 13 & 8 allow to create barcodes for the following fields of application :

Storable characters

TransBar 5 Ean 13 & 8 allows to encode :

TransBar allows you to encode all possible numbers, but doesn't indicate which number you have to use in a specific case. This information should be found from the regulatory authority of the relevant area, for example, for French-made consumer products, the society GS1 France

Supported standards

Barcodes generated by TransBar 5 Ean 13 & 8 are in conformity with standards and communs appellations :

As well as to this one, in its Ean 13 representation :

Graphic possibilities

TransBar 5 Ean 13 & 8 generate barcodes with six commun heights :

Ean 13 Heights
and all sizes, including « SC0 » to « SC9 », within the limits of the standard or even, after a warning, beyond the limits of the standard :
Ean 13 Sizes

Barcodes are obtained without legend (bars only) :

Ean 13 without legends
or barcodes are automatically provided with a legend to choose between three possible sizes :
Ean 13 with legends
These three sizes can be mixed as wished within the same barcode :
Ean 13 mixed legends


Ean 13 and Ean 8 transcriptions (the expressions of a number to be encoded as a text to be printed by a barcode font) are complex and no standard defines them : TransBar software will always have to be used before assigning the barcode font to the string it provides:

Ean Transcription

Any extensions are obtained in the same way, the control character being automatically added or controlled in its place, the intermediate spacing being preserved, the position of the legend of the extension depending on the height chosen for the bars :

Transcription Ean expanded

Minimum system requirements for TransBar 5

The most recent version of TransBar 5 and its fonts have been tested with success on the following configurations :

with any software that supports text writing, copy and paste, text importation or CSV files, and offering the choice of the font and the font size for non-scalable printing ; a print where 72 DTP points (pica) are 25.4 mm in accordance with the current standard of DTP and professional printers.

The use of the "server" function is limited to software that can be programmed to implement it.

Any printers with a resolution of 300, 600, 900, 1200, 1800, 2400 dots per inch.

All printers of another resolution, as long as this resolution is known and in the layout software, the font size can be expressed as a fractional value (for example 42.37 points, without this input turning into 42 points), under penalty of:


Consult the evaluation guide step by step

Technical documentations

Consult :